Hasin Israq and Md. Tanvir Mahabub (Training and Implementation Specialists) from the Therap Global team recently visited the Blessing Child Special School in Aftabnagar, Dhaka. Members from Therap US team Maureen Noonan, Molly Lewis, Fayonne Johnson, and Jeremy Robbins along with a few colleagues from the Software Quality Assurance team were present there as well. Our team members were welcomed by the Chairman (Mostofa Fokhruddin), Principal (Ibrahim Morshed) and other staff supporting children with special needs. The global team members got a chance to roam around the premises and were also able to witness the students performing co-curricular activities and observe their behaviors in their classrooms.

Blessing Child Special School is a well-organized school with different programs specially designed for children with special needs. The school provides a friendly environment for the special children that helps to improve their intellectual and developmental conditions. Being a specialized school, they have to document the daily activities of children based on the goals set for the students.

On behalf of the US team, Molly gave the presentation, while the rest of the team took part in discussions and the Global team played the role of a moderator. The presentation included an overview of the services required for better livelihood of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), the importance of documentation and why Therap is a better solution for service providers.

We gave an overview of the ISP Program, ISP Data, ISP Report, Health Tracking, and Time Tracking modules. We also showed them where they can find the Training and Support materials of Therap Global. The teacher wanted to know more about the safety and security of documenting information related to individuals and the parents were keen on understanding how they can use the software. We explained the benefits of Therap and how it ensures a better quality of individualized support for Persons With Disabilities. 

While giving an overview of the Therap’s Time Tracking module the teachers were very enthusiastic since they are currently tracking the behavior of the special children on paper and this module can help them in electronic documentation. Therap’s Time Tracking module can be used to document data based on time, including but not limited to Bed Checks, Sleep, Behavior, Mood, Repositioning, Falls, Toileting, Specialized Intake/Elimination (i.e. Ostomy), Pica Sweeps, Restrictive Device, Adaptive Equipment, Accountability, and Community Inclusion/Outings.

We are thankful to Blessing Child Special School for inviting us to their premises and we enjoyed the discussions with the teachers, parents and the staff of the institution. We hope to continue this beautiful journey with Blessing Child Special School in the future.

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