In the past month, Therap Global Team Members had hosted an onsite meeting with Buddhi Protibondhi O Autistic Biddaloy in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Therap Global Training & Implementation Specialists, Asad Uzzaman Sazzad and Md. Tanvir Mahabub led this meeting in the honorable presence of Ms. Momtaz Begum, the Headteacher of this reputed school as well as three other senior teachers. 

Ms. Momtaz Begum greeted the Global Team and supported the event with great enthusiasm. First and foremost, the attendees of this meeting were shown how to access the website including the system to log in. The team demonstrated some of the essential modules that are popular within the Therap software. IDF was the first module to be demonstrated which the attendees found to be very useful for admitting individuals into the school. After that, our team displayed the generation of the Demographic Report. Additionally, the Global team exhibited how to record IEP on a day-to-day basis through the ISP Data module and how to generate ISP Report from this. 

Buddhi Protibondhi O Autistic Biddaloy was established in 1985. This esteemed school had become enlisted under Monthly Pay Order (MPO) so had begun to gain support and resources from the government. This institute is managed by the Jatio Protibondhi Foundation under the Ministry of Social Welfare. This institution runs four different programs based on the age and the level of maturity of individuals. There are 11 educators and staff members in total.

The Global team had a fascinating meeting at the Buddhi Protibondhi O Autistic Biddaloy. The attendees were thrilled to learn about Therap software’s beneficial electronic documentation system, especially the ISP Report feature. We hope to host more events in the future with them for the development of the disabilities sector. 

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