In the beginning of February, Training & Implementation Specialists of Therap Global, Asad Uzzaman Sazzad and Md. Tanvir Mahabub went to Mymensingh Welfare School and had an onsite meeting. They were amiably welcomed by the Founder and Director of the school, Mr. Manas Kanti Saha.

The school was founded in 2017 to operate as a daycare school as well as a study guidance center. However, the founders changed their minds and decided to work for education and mental health of special needs children after they came across a child with disabilities which made them realize their sufferings in not only getting education but also living in the society.

The Global team members started the meeting by providing a brief overview of the Therap software to Mr. Manas (Founder), Ms. Urmi Saha (Co-founder/Producer) and two other teachers. They explained the activities of the software and elaborated on how it can make a difference in improving the services they provide along with benefitting the school itself. They illustrated the process of using different modules such as Individual Data Plan (IDF), Demographic Report and ISP modules (ISP Program, Data, Report) and their features.

The participants were very eager to learn and use our modules instead of maintaining the paper documentation process. They showed genuine interest to accommodate their existing data in our system. The team also showed them our support materials for further assistance. Above all, the meeting was a great success and we look forward to working with them in the future.

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