Therap Global team member Prattay Iqbal (Business Development Director-Asia, Africa & MENA Region) had a successful onsite training session with Great Values Learning Center. The school just started using Therap last month and is currently using T-Log module for documenting daily progress of children with disabilities. 

Prattay Iqbal provided training, focusing on T-Log reporting capabilities, while they would like to show those reports to the parents. This will provide parents access to see their children’s regular progress. Afterward, they learned how to create Individual Education Plan (IEP) through Therap system. As they are currently documenting and generating IEPs on paper, they found it helpful and much convenient to document and enter vital information, generate reports and maintain records electronically using the Therap system. The school also expressed their interest in implementing ISP module soon.

Great Values Learning Center was founded in 1999 and provides inclusive education to regular students and students with disabilities. The onsite training went well with the teachers and Therap Global team looks forward to having more onsite as well as online training sessions with Great Values Learning Center soon. 

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