Therap Global training and implementation specialists, Hasin Israq and Md. Tanvir Mahbub had a pleasant meeting over dinner with Hearing Impaired Children & Hearing Aid Center (HICHAC). The school is one of the most prestigious organizations in Khulna city, providing services to Persons with Disabilities (PWD). 

Ms. Mahabuba Chowdhury (Executive Director), along with the Vice Principal and a special educator teacher were present in the dinner meeting. The team gave an overview of Therap Global and its suite of applications, which is being implemented across various countries including Nepal, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Africa, and USA. Afterward, Ms. Mahabuba Chowdhury shared her experience working with the PWD community. Currently, they have around 100 admitted students, 70 regular students and 8 staff. They are providing services catering to persons with hearing impairment, autism, cerebral palsy and more. Although the agency uses Individual Education Plan (IEP), they do not maintain any record or daily progress notes and follow a tri-semester academic calendar. 

Therap Global team gave a demonstration of the system, focusing on T-Log and how to track Individual Education Plan (IEP) including ISP Data, ISP Report, Demographic report and Individual Data form (IDF). Afterward, the members of HICHAC showed interest in implementing Therap system at their school and wanted to know about the next steps for proceeding. Our team members told them about Therap’s help and support materials, training videos and other support specific materials available on the website.

At the end of the meeting, Ms. Mahabuba Chowdhury invited the team to the school for their first onsite training the next day. Therap Global team is glad to get connected with HICHAC and looks forward to their upcoming training session.

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