Therap Global team recently went to Apasen International for onsite training. The institution is situated in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

In the training session, we have provided a brief introduction about Therap Global and also demonstrated a few modules such as – Individual Intake, Admit, Enroll, Edit IDF (Individual Data Form) and different fields of IDF, ISP Program, ISP Data, and Report, T-Log and more.

Apasen International is basically a UK based organization. The institution was established as an international non-profit organization in 2013, in response to an urgent need to improve health and social care in Bangladesh. The organization is providing support to Persons with Disabilities. They have two different programs in the same place, one is a special school for autistic children and another is a daycare center for adult students with different kinds of disabilities. 

Mr. Mutlib, a Project Coordinator of the Apasen International (Sylhet), mentioned they want to use our system for their daycare center and later they may start implementing our software in the special school program as well.

Overall, the training session went well with the teachers of Apasen International and they all were very keen on learning from us. We hope to continue this journey with Apasen International in the future.

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