Therap Global Training and Implementation Specialist Asad Uzzaman Sazzad recently went to Sylhet where he had a meeting with Sylhet Art & Autistic School. The school works with learning disabilities, autism and academics and was founded in 2009. Mr. Ismail Gani Himon, Head Teacher of the school welcomed Asad to the school premises and started the meeting. 

Asad started the meeting with a brief introduction of Therap Global and the benefits of using Therap. Afterward, Asad showed him some modules of Therap such as Individual Data Form (IDF), Individual Support Plan (ISP) Program, Individual Support Plan (ISP) Report, and T-Log. He also explained how these modules can be used to document and how they can help track the progress of individuals. Mr. Ismail Gani Himon expressed his interest and decided to discuss it with the teachers regarding this. 

Overall the meeting went well and Therap Global is looking forward to working with Sylhet Art & Autistic School. 

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