Therap Global Training & Implementation Specialist, Hasin Ishraq went to Chattogram this month and organized an onsite training with Titu Das, Office Executive, and Jhulan Kumar Das, Teacher of Nishpap Autism Foundation.

Nishpap Autism Foundation creates different Individual Education Plans (IEP) for each individual based on their requirements. This recognized foundation operates 8 different programs in two shifts with the aim to assist people with autism. The global team member started the training by asking questions such as the method they use for documentation of daily activities. Hasin demonstrated Individual Intake, T-Logs and ISP Modules and Demographic Report to them. The teachers were very keen on learning and they also practiced our modules throughout the training.

Altogether, the training was successful and Therap Global is looking forward to working with Nishpap Autism Foundation in the future again for considerable development of the disabilities sector.

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