Therap Global Training & Implementation Specialist, Md. Tanvir Mahabub had, in the recent month, organized an onsite training session with Hearing Impaired Children & Hearing Aid Center (HICHAC). We were glad to have the Executive Director and Head Teacher, Ms. Mahabuba Chowdhury present during the training session along with three other education specialists. 

Hearing Impaired Children & Hearing Aid Center (HICHAC) is an esteemed organization located in Khulna, Bangladesh. The organization provides special education and health support services to individuals with autism, intellectual disabilities and hearing impairment. Our Global team member, Tanvir was welcomed into HICHAC’s school premises to conduct the training session. 

Tanvir initiated the meeting with an overview of Therap and the significant impact the Therap system application has around the globe. The system makes it easy to electronically document and monitors the progress of individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Tanvir showed the teachers and staff members how the system can be utilized for the easy intake of individuals. He also demonstrated how users can discharge individuals from the system once they move forward to another class or program along with the method of adding them onto that new class or program. Furthermore, the participants were shown how to enter daily progress notes of the individuals using the T-Log module. He also directed them to our support materials including our online training process which can all easily be accessed from laptops and smartphones.

To conclude, we are delighted to state that we had another productive onsite training session this time with HICHAC after our previous one. The eager participants of this month’s training session expressed how much ease and convenience Therap software will bring into their lives as they aim to continue supporting all individuals at their organization optimally. We hope we will continue our journey together with HICHAC in the future again for greater development of the disabilities sector.

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