Therap Global, the leader in the electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD) conducted an information session in Kampala, Uganda in collaboration with Special Children Special People (SCSP). Therap Global team member, Johanna Kroth gave a presentation focusing on how Therap can help improve the quality of services for PWD through Therap’s suite of applications. 

Therap Global team member also demonstrated different features and modules including the T-Log module, which the participants later practiced as well. The participants showed a keen interest in using Therap software, while Joyce Kalinda from Afaayo Child Health Education and Rehabilitation Unit (Acheru) and Obbo Nasanar Ochwo, an occupational therapist have started their journeys with Therap Global. Additionally, initial training was provided to Mr. Ochwo.

Around 21 participants from diverse backgrounds including therapists, teachers, social workers, administrators, and family members attended the session. Therap Global had a pleasant experience meeting the attendees and looks forward to meeting them soon.

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