Therap Global team members Prattay Iqbal, Director – Business Development and Alphonsus De Alban, Philippines Representative visited NORFIL Foundation and Resources of the Blind Inc.(RBI) in April, 2023 to conduct different onsite meetings.

At the NORFIL Foundation meeting, held on April 11th, the Executive Director of the organization Teresa Nuqui, Project Director Ranilo Sorongan, and two other directors were present. After our Global Team’s demonstration of the Therap System and the services we provide, they were optimistic about integrating Therap in the future.

On April 13th, our team also paid a visit to the Resources of the Blind Inc.(RBI), a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides vision treatment services throughout the Philippines. Dr. Yolanda Quijano, Former Vice President and active member of AFID and PAFID, now in charge of the project USAID’s Gabay, was present during the meeting. Although they currently use a different platform, Therap application seemed much more comprehensive and efficient to them. They are quite excited to incorporate and test out Therap into their system to meet their documentation needs.

Therap Global is the world’s leading online documentation solution for organizations providing services to persons with disabilities.

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