Therap Global team members Prattay Iqbal, Director – Business Development and Alphonsus De Alban, Philippines Representative visited TheraHOPE Clinic, FRIENDS Therapy Center and Kids World Integrated School in April, 2023 to conduct multiple onsite meetings.

The TheraHOPE Clinic meeting was held on April 11th, 2023 with the organization’s Occupational Therapist, T. Mike along with other teachers. Our Global Team members showcased and illustrated the Therap Platform for their better understanding of the services we provide. The members of the clinic present at the meeting were quite eager to incorporate our platform into their system. We were happy to assist them with the different queries they had regarding it.

We also visited the FRIENDS Therapy Center. At the meeting, they were excited by the services we offer and hopeful to implement Therap in the future. Overall, the meeting was filled with noteworthy events which ended on a positive note. 

On April 13th, 2023 our team paid a visit to the Kids World Integrated School. During the visit, we were accompanied by the honorable head of the school, Dr. Ingrid R. Yap, BS, MPH, and Ph.D. The meeting went smoothly and our interaction with them has been positive and hopeful. 

All in all, the meetings were impactful and had positive outcome.

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