According to the Tanzanian Child Rights Forum, almost 10% of the Tanzanian population faces some sort of disabilities. The government is trying to ensure participation integration and equal opportunity for Person With Disabilities. At the same time Therap Global is trying to enhance quality and make documentation systems easier for providers serving the individuals with special needs with their user friendly online documentation system.

Therap Global is working at the global level in both rural and urban communities as it can accommodate the necessary information of Persons With Disabilities across countries, including demographic, employment and health data. These data can be utilized for making informed decisions about the overall well being of the person with disability. Moreover, provider agencies can easily generate reports regarding an individual and at the same time take necessary precautions if an emergency situation arises. Therap also provides a user friendly mobile application for both iOS and Android so users can login at any time from anywhere without any hassle.

Therap being a Global leader in the developmental disability field aims to bring together such provider agencies working in Tanzania to avail its services. Recently, a non profit organization Newhope in Tanzania, has started using the Therap system to efficiently track and monitor the progress of individuals under their organization.

Ken Slavin, Therap Global Business Expert will be coming to Tanzania soon to meet with organizations working with Persons With Disabilities (PWD). He will be providing them an overview of Therap’s electronic documentation software for the daily reporting and communication needs of those working in the PWD community.

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