Training and Implementation Specialists from Therap Global team, Abu Saleh Al Momin, Hasin Israq and Md. Tanvir Mahabub recently attended a dinner meeting with Mr. Alamgir Hussain, Head Teacher of Sukhati Disable and Autism School. During the dinner, Mr. Alamgir Hussain congratulated Therap Global Team on their successful conference where he was one of the participants as well. He invited the team to visit his school in Kurigram. 

During the dinner meeting, they discussed how the Therap system can be used for electronic documentation in his school. Currently, the school has 42 regular students (the number of enrolled students is 110), 16 teachers and 6 staff. The school started their journey with Therap Global in July 2019 and received online training last month. For now, only Mr. Alamgir will be taking the training from Therap and after that, he will engage other teachers as well. He received training on Therap’s Individual Data form (IDF) module which included the process of how to intake individuals in the system and how to admit and enroll them in programs. He was instructed to intake all the children with disabilities of his school in the Therap system. He was very eager to go through support materials available on Therap Global website and specially the ones on IDF. The team has already scheduled their next online training session with Mr. Alamgir Hussain and is looking forward to talking to them and maintaining a good relationship with the school.  

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