Therap Global team member, Ishya ‘Shae’ Dotson’s next visit in Kenya has been to Kenya Association of the Intellectually Handicapped (KAIH) regarding Therap module implementation. Shae had the discussion with Fatma, Founding member of KAIH, along with Fayel, Peter, and Antony, who are the admins of the organization. 

Shae discussed and provided training on Provider Administrator Tasks to the team members of the organization. Hilder is a new member of their team and looks after Individual Intake process and Individual Data form (IDF). Likewise, Fayel creates users and updates existing user profiles and privileges. Later on, they discussed and practiced using T-Logs and ISP Programs in test mode. The team was also given tasks on ISP Data as their homework. Afterward, Shae reviewed the IDF inputs and their intake process to identify what initial data captured on their current paper application can be used in Therap’s IDF module, as an initial step of the process. The rest of the application was reviewed to develop an ISP Program template in test mode to capture vital notes of KAIH’s therapy sessions. 

The onsite training session was helpful for KAIH’s team and they are ready for monthly meetings for consistent implementation follow-ups. The team has also decided to take on the train-the-trainer model for getting their staff ready to use Therap system. According to The Guardian, Kenya is one of the major countries to experience stigma and struggles living with disability in the most hostile of environments, as over 10% of the population has some form of disability, and 78% of them live in rural areas. Therap Global is the leader in providing electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities and has visited many agencies to help document vital information of them for a shared and inclusive society. 

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