Therap Global team members Asad Uzzaman Sazzad & Tanvir Mahabub visited Angel Foundation for Children with Special Needs, Ibrahimpur, Dhaka to conduct an onsite meeting on April 11, 2022. The meeting was conducted with the Founder & CEO of the school Selina Ahmed along with two other teachers. 

The meeting started with an introduction of Therap Global and the functionalities of Therap. Later on, teachers of Angel Foundation for Children with Special Needs shared their documentation process. They also showed some files and explained how they maintain those  for the individuals. 

Moreover, Global team members showed the Therap system, gave ideas about Individual Demographic Form and Questionnaire modules in the meeting. Selina Ahmed and school teachers expressed their interest to sign up with Therap Global and start using the software for documentation. In this onsite meeting, members of Therap Global team observed the activities of the students facilitated by the teachers and therapists of the agency. 

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