Therap Global team had a meeting with Little Wonders Play & Learn, a school which provides  early learning preschool for children with special needs. The meeting was conducted by Prattay Iqbal and Hasin Israq from Therap Global Team. The founder and Principal Nazneen Akhter along with the teachers were present in the meeting. 

11 teachers of the school participated in the Therap Global’s Person-Centered Practice and Inclusive Education Course; the course was designed and conducted by Ishya “Shae” Dotson, Assistant Director of Person Centered Practices. In the meeting, the teachers expressed that they have gathered the idea and awareness of person-centered practice for creating inclusive support and education. They also shared that the course has helped them to develop good, secure documentation practices using the Therap software. A certificate was given to each of the teachers who completed the course. 

The onsite meeting with Little Wonders Play & Learn went remarkably well as there was great communication and knowledge exchange between our team members and them. The teachers and other staff members expressed how useful it is to have an online system that documents the activities and progress of individuals. In the meeting there were questions regarding Individual Service Plan and how it can be beneficial for the parents as well.

Alongside this, our team members were shown around Little Wonders Play & Learn and had the opportunity to observe the different activities available there. We had the pleasure of getting to know and interact with them closely. We look forward to extending this interaction further and working with them more in the future.

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