Therap is an online Electronic Documentation software for Persons with Disabilities. The Therap Global Team always strives to provide efficient help and support, and looks forward to any opportunity to meet people who are relentlessly working to provide better quality of life for the Persons with Disabilities. To meet existing Therap users and interested/potential users, Therap Global team organizes workshop, conferences and information session around the globe. As part of this practice, we are glad that  we were able to meet our existing users around the globe and have also got to know many new users who have quickly become an essential part of the Therap Global family.

In the upcoming months, the Therap Global Team will be present at Northern Bangladesh, Dubai, Nepal, Indonesia, Kenya, Zambia. We will be visiting schools/agencies who have implemented Therap to provide hands on training on the Therap software. We are also arranging conferences, workshop and information session for our users and potential/interested schools and agencies working with Persons with Disabilities in these countries. The Therap Global team is very excited and looks forward to their upcoming trips.

If you would like to participate in any of our upcoming events or for any questions or queries, please contact us here or you may directly send us an email at

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