Therap Global has started implementation with BRAC. BRAC had their first training session with Therap Global on July 25, 2018 at the Therap office. Among the attendees, there were Limia Dewan (Senior Program Manager, BRAC Education Program, Sanjoy Kumar Saha, Manager (PWD), Sarder Lutfor Rahman, Senior Sector Specialist Inclusive Education and Sector Specialists from six Neurodevelopmental Disability Centres (NDD) of BRAC all over Bangladesh.

During the training session, Therap Global team showed them the modules they need to document the progress and other information of the individuals to whom they are providing support in their Neurodevelopmental Disability Centres. The training started with giving information about the Neurodevelopmental centres with site creation. The BRAC NDD Centres have several programs such as Vocational Training, Physical Therapy, Inclusive Education etc. Therap Global team showed them how to input these information in the system.

In each NDD centre they have around 30 children (referred to as – individuals in the Therap system) enrolled in different programs. Therap Global team showed them how to enter information about the individuals and also how to admit them and enroll them into particular programs within the Therap system. Teachers of each centre entered information for one or more individuals and also admitted them as well as enrolled them.

The most important part of the documentation is giving regular data about the progress of the individuals. In the training session all the attendees were given an overview on how to enter daily progress notes in Therap system about the individuals they are providing support. As Ms Limia Dewan and Sanjoy Kumar Saha is supervising the teachers, they also learnt how to supervise and the work of the teachers via Therap system without any difficulties.

Therap Global team continued training with BRAC via online trainings. On August 14, the Therap Global team provided an online training to the admins of Neurodevelopmental Disability Centres along with the supervisors Limia Dewan (Senior Program Manager, BRAC Education Program, Sanjoy Kumar Saha, Manager (PWD) . All the attendees who attended the first training joined the online training. The attendees were really excited to work with the Therap software, at point in the training Mintu Ali, from Pabna NDD Centre, gave a demonstration of the things learned so far with Therap. Therap Global team reviewed all the Individual Intake process with the admins and also ensured they do not have any confusion regarding those modules by answering the questions of the teachers.

We hope the admin from all the Neurodevelopmental Disability Centres of BRAC had a fruitful training session and we are looking forward to have more training sessions like this in the future with BRAC.

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