Therap Global is ecstatic to invite everyone to our upcoming virtual event titled, “Therap Global Virtual Roundtable: How to Transition from Paper Records to Online Documentation”. The online session will take place on September 17, 2023 at 10:00 AM (West Africa Time)/ 12:00 PM (East Africa Time)/ 12:00 PM (Arabian Standard Time)/ 2:45 PM (Nepal Time)/ 3:00 PM (Bangladesh Time)/ 4:00 PM (Jakarta Time)/ 5:00 PM (Philippines Time). It will focus on effective online documentation through Therap.

The vision of this virtual roundtable is to discuss and give you clear knowledge on why and how transitioning from paper-based to online documentation through Therap System can help you better manage the individuals under your care.

Key takeaways from this discussion:

  • Overview on how Therap Software can help streamline your documentation
  • Explore scopes of Paperless Online Documentation
  • The process of transitioning from Paper-based records to Online documentation
  • Address the different challenges and hurdles encountered during the transition
  • Explore effective strategies to overcome them
  • A walk-through of the orientation process of Therap Software
  • Benefit of using Therap efficiently to create meaningful, data-driven outcomes on a secured platform.

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