Therap Global team members Asad Uzzaman Sazzad and Zaria Haque visited Different World Foundation to conduct an onsite meeting on September 24, 2023. During the meeting, the global team was accompanied by Nusrat Sultana Trina, Founder Chairman & CEO.

The session started off with a discussion about how the organization has been working with children with special needs and providing various sorts of services including academic learnings, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, group therapy etc.

They mentioned they cater more than 50 students in different shifts. Additionally, they provide residential services for around 30 children at their organization. The discussion continued with how they have been using papers and diaries for recording information of the students and were in search of an online secured documentation system.

Furthermore, our team demonstrated how they can keep records of the students and track progress easily in an efficient manner using Therap system. As this was the global team’s first training session, a basic provider setup session was provided which included creating Site, Program, User Accounts and Individual Demographic Form.

Overall, the meeting was impactful and concluded on a positive note. Our team anticipates a productive working relationship.

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