Michelle Saunders and Johanna Kroth along with Therap Global team visited Angels Care Foundation yesterday. This was Michelle’s and Johanna’s first visit to the school. Angels Care Foundation is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization, registered under the Ministry of Social Welfare of Bangladesh. The school serves children with special needs related to autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD and recently received an award from Shomaj Kollyan Odhidoptor, Bangladesh for being the Best Organization at Serving Persons with Disabilities (PWD).

The President of the school was delighted to give a tour of the school. Michelle and Johanna gave a birthday present to one of their students named Renita and she was more than happy by the gift. The team also received beautifully handcrafted necklaces by the students. Along with that several children gave a heartwarming performance for the team.

Afterward, a training session was conducted, focusing on Individual Intake and T-Log.  Angels Care Foundation is one of the agencies working with Therap and is pleased with using the electronic documentation software of Therap as it lets them record information of the students at ease.

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