Recently Therap Global team went on a dinner meeting with National Association On Intellectual Disabilities (NAID)-Nepal. Abu Saleh Momin and Md. Asad Uzzaman Sazzad, Training and Implementation Specialists from Therap Global went to meet Dr. Sachida Nanda Shrivastava, President of 24th AFID, Nepal and Mr. Ravindra K.C. (Principal, NAID & General Secretary, AFID24). NAID will be hosting the 24th AFID (Asian Federation on Intellectual Disability) Conference on December 2019 where Therap is the Technology partner and is one of the sponsors of the event. Mr. Shrivastava and Mr. Ravindra are really excited about the conference and told us that the planning for the event is going well and many agencies from various countries have already registered for it. 

Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic, is a landlocked country in South Asia. The disability prevalence of the people in Nepal is 1.9% according to the UN, although the actual figure is assumed to be higher. However, the lack of a credible documentation system has posed challenges in implementing the right policies and strategies for them. In light of that, Therap Global, the global leader in providing electronic documentation for Persons With Disabilities (PWD) has been working with service providers in Nepal to improve the documentation and adding more value to care and support provided to individuals with disabilities.

Dr. Shrivastava is very happy to organize the 24th conference of  AFID in the capital city Kathmandu, from December 2-6, 2019. The AFID conference will provide an opportunity to discuss different challenges that  Persons with Disabilities (PWD) face in various spheres and stages in life. The event will also provide an opportunity to learn from experts engaged in this field about recent developmental activities, research and legislative arrangement adopted in different countries. Mr. Shrivastava and Mr. Ravindra mentioned about the issue of poor internet connection and how they are planning to fix it. As Therap’s system allows Mobile Applications, agencies can document vital information using mobile data at ease.  

Therap Global also discussed their visit to Pokhara, where there are many children with disabilities, living in an inclusive educational environment. Therap Global had a pleasant time discussing the agendas over dinner and looks forward to meeting them and providing them onsite training in the future.  

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