Therap Global team members, Abu Saleh Momin and Asad Uzzaman Sazzad’s (Training and Implementation Specialists) next visit in Nepal has been to Sathi Sansar Nepal (SSN), and they were received by Mr. Narayan Adhikary, Program Manager of the agency. During the meeting, Mr. Adhikary, along with one teacher provided an overview of their school. The agency currently has three programs including education, rehabilitation, and home visit. They provide services inside the school to 20 children with disabilities and allow home visit services to a few other children with disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy around the rural areas near the school. The school has allocated four regular teachers for education and residential program and two other staff for home visit program. After providing an overview of their organization, they showed some of the paper documentation they maintain such as assessment form, weekly planning, and monthly report format.

After going through their documents, Therap Global team members gave a presentation and a live demonstration of Therap’s modules, such as Individual Intake, Individual Education Plan (IEP) related modules as well as reporting features of Individual Support Plan (ISP). At the end of the meeting, Mr. Narayan Adhikary expressed his interest to use Therap system to maintain electronic documentation as they can generate reports and other activities at ease. As they already have few personal computers and laptops, they are planning to implement Therap system shortly and will also attend our regular online training sessions. 

Therap Global has been working with the service providers in Nepal since 2016 and had a great time meeting with Sathi Sansar Nepal (SSN) and looks forward to strengthening relations and hopes to meet them soon. 

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