Therap Global team members carried out a successful onsite training at Saya Disabled & Autistic School this month. The school is situated in Lalpur upazila, Natore. Md. Shemanur Rahman, Head Teacher along with the other teachers welcomed our team and explained how they do their daily documentation as well as their preferable way to process and document information. 

Therap team also visited the class rooms and got a chance to see the different activities that take place. We were given a brief introductory session before we started our training. The training was concentrated on the T-Log module. Our team explained the use of T-Log, how to track information in that module and what types of T-Logs there are that the users can write. Along with that, the benefits of using Therap’s electronic documentation software to document information regarding Persons with Disabilities (PWD) over paper documentation was explained.

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