Recently Therap Global went for an onsite visit to Foundation for Women and Child Assistance (FWCA) on 7th of July, 2019 which is located in Rajshahi City. The school is big enough with more than 200 students. FWCA is a well-organized school. Upon reaching, Wahida Khanam, Director of the school received us warmly.

This was our first visit to this school. Wahida Khanam, who is also a parent of 2 special children has been working in this field since her child was 3 years old. She built the school on her parent’s home. They maintained the Individual Plan (IP) based on the individual’s capability. In their evaluation process, first, they observe the new student for 10-15 days and then they decide which program the student will be enrolled. They provide two progress reports every 6 months during each year.

We gave them a brief idea about our Software and how it is working in this field. We showed them how to use T-Log for their daily documentations and also how to generate reports. The director showed her interest in using the Software for her school and also assigned two teachers for further online/onsite training.

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