Therap Global conducted a successful training session at Marigold Special School in Nigeria. Therap Global team member, Ms. Johanna Kroth (Director of Global Implementation) was warmly welcomed by Ms. Elizabeth Akpan, Director of Marigold Special School. She started with the individual intake process and gradually went on about how to admit and enroll the student in Therap system. Johanna later assisted her on setting up the various aspects of Therap account, along with setting up roles and privileges. Johanna also set up accounts for parents to view their children’s profile, as many live far away and have their child boarding at the school. 

There was a discussion of the ISP program template and how the school can implement Therap using different modules. Ms. Elizabeth was interested in T-Logs, Medication Administration Records (MAR) and splash messages. A tablet was donated by Therap Global to utilize Mobile Applications in Therap system. 

Therap Global, the leader in providing electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD) conducts training sessions and more for the organizations supporting PWD. Therap suite of applications offers a wide variety of tools to assist the users in their daily documentation process. Marigold Special school is a school for PWD, such as children with dyslexia, cerebral palsy, and down syndrome. The school provides full boarding, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and more. Therap Global appreciates the opportunity they got to conduct a training session at Marigold’s premises and looks forward to meeting them soon. 

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