Recently Therap Global conducted a successful training session at Kenya Association of Intellectually Handicapped (KAIH). Johanna Kroth (Director of Global Implementation) on behalf of the Therap Global team took the session. Field officers Priscilla & Hilda, Admin Assistant Anthony, Fayel and Peter, and Fatma Wangara, one of the founding members of KAIH participated in that training and also coordinated all activities related to Inclusion Africa.

KAIH was started in 1996 by a group of parents and self-advocates who felt they needed a platform where they could air their own issues and advocate for their own rights. It registered as an NGO and has 3000 members (families and self-advocates).

In the training session, Johanna demonstrated different features of Therap software including how to login into Therap system, creating, searching & acknowledging T-Log module, creating and acknowledging ISP Program, entering ISP Data, modules related to Provider Administration, Report Library and Demographic Report generation, how to see the Date/Time Stamp and Activity Tracking module. After that, she assisted the trainees to use Therap mobile app and showed how it works compared to the browser version. She also showed different training materials to help them understand the module better. Johanna also set up 5 demo user accounts that will be used by KAIH members to try out different modules of Therap software.

The participants discussed how Therap could be useful to them. They believe the software would be helpful in making their internal communication much easier and faster. KAIH is eagerly looking forward to starting their journey with Therap. Therap Global team enjoyed the participatory training session with KAIH staff and looks forward to strengthening their relationship with them.

Kenya has a population of approximately 52 million of which 3.5% of the entire population is disabled (according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics), where 15% of persons with disabilities (PWD) are likely to be affected by environmental factors on a daily basis and 3% on a weekly basis. A quarter of PWDs work in family businesses, but a third do not work at all. However, the lack of electronic documentation has posed a challenge for providing adequate help and support to the individuals. In a country like this, Therap Global, the leader in providing electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD) can assist users in their daily documentation process.

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