Therap Global team member, Ishya ‘Shae’ Dotson has been on an exciting trip to Kenya. At her next visit, she went to Gifted People with Disabilities Centre (GPWDC) in Kibera, which represents major Kenyan ethnic background.

Shae met with Jeremy, Director of the organization, who is working with Sarah Mwikali. Sarah is currently working in the United Nations, New York on related issues. Their aim is to create an inclusive society and to bridge the gap of education and empowerment for youth with disabilities in Kenya. GPWDC works with the age group from 14 to 35 years old. Due to social stigma and lack of awareness, many youth do not start their education before the age of 15. Young people with disabilities in Kenya are discriminated against and often drop out of school as they can’t pay for education. As a consequence, they don’t get a  job and fail to break away from the cycle of poverty. However, even if they get enrolled in an institution to learn new skills, they struggle to pay the rent. In light of that, GPWDC conducts its meetings through social media, such as Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The ambassador chats are used to create awareness on disabilities. Currently, they are running a campaign (#IAMGCC) where the ambassadors promote stories and pictures of how GCC has impacted the lives of Persons with Disabilities (PWD). 

GPWDC focuses on empowerment through employment, health and living independent lives. The ambassadors are taught skills such as advocacy, decision-making, entrepreneurship, job readiness, and more. Therap Global is the global leader in the electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD). Therap’s suite of applications offers person-centered documentation, reporting and communication tools for improved care, including Person-Centred Planning, Health Records, and Employment History, through which users can create job bank of employers and maintain job histories. It also provides electronic access for self-advocates and family members. 

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