Recently Therap Global team had a wonderful dinner meeting with Payrabondo Autistic School in Rangpur. The founder, Mrs. Pallabi along with one special teacher joined us at the dinner. 

Payrabondo Autistic School is an MPO (Monthly Pay Order) enlisted school. They have a total of 50 teachers and staff who providing services for 400 special children. Currently, the school is using paper for their daily documentation. We showed them how Therap can be a good replacement of paper for their daily documentation process. The team talked about T-Log and some other modules which can be useful for them. We also informed them about the forthcoming Therap Global Rangpur conference on September 9, 2019. Mrs. Pallabi is looking forward to attending the conference.

Therap Global team had a delectable dinner and a great time with Payrabondo Autistic School. We hope to continue this journey with them.

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