Therap Global team member, Ishya “Shae” Dotson recently visited Kamili Mental Health Organization (KMHO) and the Women Empowerment Group in Kenya, the country home to wildlife and parks. 

The visit to Women Empowerment Group was hosted by the Chairman of Kenya Association of the Intellectually Handicapped (KAIH), Fatma Wangare. The women in the group were Persons with Disabilities (PWD), and they spoke about their struggles and how they are trying to raise awareness regarding women’s rights and empowerment. At Shae’s second visit, she met with Jackson Amanya of Kamili Mental Health Organization (KMHO), who provides counseling and medical resources to PWD. They currently have 3 clinics and provides support to nearly 4000 people in Kenya. Additionally, they even provide scholarships for up to one year for students and professionals who want to acquire training in this field and provide support to the PWD community. KMHO even has a learning center for proving youth entrepreneurial skills such as microfinancing. Shae had the opportunity to see one of the projects where women were selling dolls to various vendors, made of authentic African fabrics. During her visit, KMHO was organizing a family challenge event, where they receive funds and grants from corporates. KMHO and KAIH are currently working on a joint project to provide access to justice for the PWD community living in prison.  

The insightful session was enjoyed by everyone on the premise, and Shae has been invited to attend an information session at Pan Africa. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, only 3.5% of the population is recorded to have some form of disability but the actual data is assumed to be much higher. Due to lack of proper documentation, many people are left behind and don’t receive adequate help and support. Therap Global, the leader in providing electronic documentation helps organizations and agencies working with PWD community to effectively document vital information of them at ease.

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