Michelle Saunders’ and Johanna Kroth’s latest visit was to BRAC Neuro- Developmental Disability (NDD) Centre. The team at Therap Global is in the process of assisting BRAC with the implementation of their system at 8 NDD Centres.

In light of the International Day of Persons with Disability (IDPD), the Therap team was invited to attend their day-long neuro-developmental students work exhibition, where 203,689 students with disabilities have already graduated from their primary school. Michelle and Johanna had a wonderful time seeing the arts and crafts by the Persons With Disabilities (PWD). Seeing those children creating hand-made jewelry and hand-printed clothes, Michelle was fascinated and participated in hand-printing a saree, a traditional attire.

Furthermore, BRAC discussed their upcoming training sessions with Therap and our team is more than happy to train them on how to use our electronic documentation for Persons with Disabilities (PWD).

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