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How to track Health Tracking data – Respiratory Treatment, Seizures using Therap Software

To help you with your obstacles recording data regarding Respiratory [...]

Presentation by BRAC at 3rd Annual Therap Global Dhaka Conference

Therap Global, the leader in providing electronic documentation services to [...]

Training Session With BRAC Neuro-Developmental Disability Centre

Therap Global team along with Johanna Kroth, Senior Training and [...]

Therap Team at Neuro-Developmental Disability Students’ Work Exhibition

Michelle Saunders’ and Johanna Kroth’s latest visit was to BRAC [...]

Collaboration between Therap Global and BRAC Neurodevelopmental Disability (NDD) Centre

One out of every seven person in the world has [...]

Training Session with BRAC Neurodevelopmental Disability Centre (NDD), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Therap Global started implementation with BRAC back in July 25, [...]

Therap Global Training Sessions with BRAC

Therap Global has started implementation with BRAC. BRAC had their [...]

Therap Asia Starts Journey with BRAC, May 2018

Therap Asia starts an exciting journey with the world’s top [...]

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