Johanna Kroth and Michelle Saunders were invited to the wedding of our Therap Team members – Rahmeen and Prattay. This was their first time experiencing a Bengali wedding and they had a great time wearing traditional sarees, adorning their hair with flowers and applying henna to their hands for this event.

Bengali weddings are fun-filled nights of celebration, dancing, and music. This wedding too was a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Johanna and Michelle took part in the tradition of applying turmeric on the bride and groom. They loved the dance performances put on by the bride’s and groom’s cousins and friends. The holud event was followed by the reception event which Johanna and Michelle also attended. This was truly an exceptional experience for them to be immersed in the culture of Bangladesh. They were honored to be invited and to participate in such a culturally rich experience.

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