Therap Global team along with Johanna Kroth, Senior Training and Implementation Specialist and Michelle Saunders, Business Development Consultant, held a training session for BRAC Neuro-Developmental Disability Centre (NDD) yesterday. Various sector specialists and teachers from multiple districts working in NDD Centres were present.

The training session was conducted on Therap’s T-Log module with a focus on the detailed report, where users can download the reports through excel and review the report for completion, oversight and further analysis. This is particularly helpful to examine the progress of the individuals monthly. Furthermore, a discussion on Health Records module was also held. BRAC NDD Centre acknowledged the benefit of Therap’s modules as it’s letting them document information on individuals electronically and generate reports with ease. Therap Global appreciates the effort and enthusiasm of BRAC NDD Centre in using this electronic documentation software for Persons with Disabilities (PWD). In order to make their adaptation smoother, Therap team will have regular online trainings with them to help them get acquainted with any updates and to solve any of their queries regarding the system. This was Johanna and Michelle’s second trip meeting BRAC and they were delighted to know more about how neuro-developmental disability centre is helping to transform the lives of Persons with Disabilities (PWD).

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