BRAC, world’s top NGO starts its journey with Therap Asia. BRAC is an International development organisation working globally in Economic Development, Education, Public Health and also Disaster Relief sectors. BRAC showed keen interest to use Therap software for regular documentation in their Neurodevelopmental Disability(NDD) Centres and One Room Schools. Limia Dewan,Programme Manager Inclusive Education, from BRAC attended 2nd Annual Therap Dhaka Conference and showed interest to use Therap for BRAC NDD centres and One Room schools.

Before starting, it was important that Therap Asia team has a clear idea about the structure of BRAC NDD centres and One Room schools. That is why Therap Asia team visited some of the NDD centres and One Room schools. Therap Asia team along with Sarder Lutfor Rahman, Senior Sector Specialist Inclusive Education and Md Mohsin Ali, Sector Specialist Inclusive Education from BRAC went to visit the NDD centre situated at Karail Slum. BRAC NDD centres provides care specifically for the persons with disabilities. Children living in the Karail slum who are diagnosed with Neurodevelopmental Disability (Autism, Epilepsy etc) go to these BRAC NDD centres to get proper service and education. Teachers and therapists provide regular support to the persons with disabilities. Each NDD center, provides support to around 20 special children. The Therap team, was explained how these children receive care and support by the BRAC representatives.

Therap Asia team also visited several One Room schools situated in the Karail Slum and at Shyamoli. These One Room schools provides support and education to both person with and without disabilities. In each of the One Room school, there are 30 children and among them, some of them have disabilities. In One Room school the same children study from class one to class five under the supervision of the same teacher. One Room school has pre-primary sections also for the children who are about to start their education. All these information regarding BRAC NDD Centers and One Room school proved very helpful for the Therap Team. Once BRAC starts implementing Therap, these information will enable the Therap team an effective implementation process of the Therap software.

Therap Asia team observed that BRAC NDD centres and One Room schools are run in a very systematic way and the teachers are very responsible. At the moment they document regularly in paper but with Therap they will be able to document using digital platform to keep track of the data and generate reports which will help them to enhance the quality of services that they provide. Therap Asia is very excited and looking forward to a great journey with BRAC.

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