Beautiful Mind is one of the leading special schools in Bangladesh which is providing services to children with autism and intellectually challenged children since 2004.

A team of 13 persons from Therap  visited Beautiful Mind on November 13, 2017. The school authority welcomed the Therap team cordially.

USA personnel Jeff Covington (Deputy Director of USA State Implementation), Jason Laws (Business Development Consultant, USA), Johanna Kroth (Senior Training & Implementation Specialist) and Sarah Christiansen (Training & Implementation Specialist) from Therap USA team along with Quality Assurance professionals from Therap Bangladesh team visited Beautiful Mind.

The tour of the school started with the assembly of the students and Therap team participating with the students and the teachers. Later on the group was divided into smaller groups led by one teacher for each group from Beautiful Mind. Each group got a tour of the whole school separately. Therap team visited the classrooms in Beautiful Mind and is privileged to see different kinds of activities and services provided in every classrooms.

After the school tour Therap team had a question answer session with the administrators, special educators, therapists of Beautiful Mind in their training room. Teachers using Therap had some queries for the USA team which was then addressed.

Therap team expresses gratitude to the school authorities of Beautiful Mind for inviting Therap team to visit their school.

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