Therap Global started implementation with BRAC back in July 25, 2018 in Bangladesh. Recently, the BRAC Sector Specialists and a team of teachers returned as part of the next phase in their training. Among the attendees were Sarder Lutfor Rahman, Senior Sector Specialist Inclusive Education and Sector Specialists from different Neurodevelopmental Disability Centres (NDD) of BRAC were present.

The training session was a fruitful one with users learning to create new user accounts for different NDD Centres of BRAC in addition to learning to write T-Log or daily notes, enter Health Tracking data and service data.

New attendees were given an overview on some of the modules including T-Log which served as a review for those who had attended previous training. They were introduced to the Health Tracking module on Therap and were given information of tracking Seizure, Respiratory Treatment, Appointment, Height Weight, etc using the module. One on one training was provided to some attendees on the Individual Support Plan (ISP) module so that they could gain familiarity with entering service data and generating reports to track progress. Additionally, Therap Global team answered queries on the Individual Data Form (IDF) module. Therap Global looks forward to continue training sessions with BRAC in the coming future.

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