Therap’s tools for tracking Health related information!

Therap’s Health Tracking module allows users to efficiently track different types of health data relating to an individual and create detailed and monthly reports. It gives a flexible way to record and follow up on medical issues including Appointments, Vital Signs, Blood Glucose, Medication History and many more.

  • Schedule & document appointments with doctors, therapists & others
  • Track lab tests, immunizations & skin infections/wounds
  • Generate detailed & monthly health care reports

The Health Tracking module currently provides the following forms to help staff members provide enhanced health care:

  • Appointments
    Organize upcoming appointments for Individuals
  • Blood Glucose
    Record and keep track of blood glucose levels in detail, including the method of measurement and the administration of insulin
  • Height/Weight
    Record the height and weight of the individuals being supported
  • Immunization
    Track an individual’s immunization record(s)
  • Infection Tracking
    Record and keep track of an individual’s infection(s)
  • Intake/Elimination
    Track and record the daily fluid and food intake along with bowel movements and other output of an individual
  • Medication History
    Record information of medications given to individuals
  • Menses
    Document when an individual is menstruating and other important information related to the menstruation cycle
  • Seizures
    Record and view the duration of a seizure, the date and time, and other relevant information of the event
  • Skin/Wound
    Document skin condition and wound records for individuals
  • Vital Signs
    Document individual’s pulse, temperature, respiration, and blood pressure data
  • Health Care Reports
    With Therap, health care reports may be generated for given time ranges, with summaries from an individual’s approved data. Once a report is generated, the report can be saved within the system. Monthly and Detailed Reports can be exported to excel for further comparison and analysis.
  • Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool
    The comprehensive health assessment tool provides health and support professionals with an exhaustive list of options to conduct health evaluations. It is an online assessment of an individual’s health symptoms and history and has the ability to calculate overall acuity level. A summary of health assessment along with recommendations for where greater support may be needed is available.
Individual Demographic Form (IDF)
Progress Notes
Person-Centered Planning