Mobile Applications

Enter T-Logs, ISP Data and record medications administered using Therap Mobile Applications. Therap provides mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Reset passwords from remote locations
  • View and enter progress notes
  • Collect Person-Centered Data in the community setting
  • Record administered medications
  • Electronic signatures

ISP Data

The ISP Data tool on the Therap mobile app enables support professionals to remotely collect service data of individuals they support.

  • Remotely collect service data
  • Verify visits using GPS location
  • Collect signatures to verify service delivery
  • Take photographs as part of the documentation
  • View service data from a convenient location


With the mobile T-Log tool, users can view and submit progress notes conveniently. The submitted T-Log is automatically time and date stamped. T-Logs allow users to communicate effectively and the information can be efficiently shared and followed up in a secure way.

  • Document daily logs, notes and follow-ups
  • Categorize health notes, behavior notes, contact & general information
  • Track daily logs from your mobile device and from any convenient location

Mobile MAR

Medications can be viewed and recorded in a day-view, allowing forward or backward navigation. The First DataBank drug reference tool includes the picture for drug identification. Individual’s allergy records, diagnoses and contacts can also be accessed.

  • Administer and record medications
  • View allergies, diagnoses, and images of medication
  • Access shared medical contacts
  • Reference data for reduced medication errors
  • Monthly medication administration reports

Mobile Password Reset

This is a feature for Therap administrators of agencies to reset passwords of staff members.

Individual Demographic Form (IDF)
Progress Notes
Person-Centered Planning