Demographic Report

The Demographic Report feature provides detailed reports that contain various information including counts by gender, citizenship, age, language, communication modality, mobility, location (state), race, supervision, program, and ID type, as well as Active/Inactive Individuals and Top 10 Diagnoses [ICD-9/ICD 10/DSM-5]. The numbers in the demographic report are linked to the corresponding Individual Data forms. Users may generate/view the Demographic Information for a single Program or for multiple Programs at the same time.

Users with the Admin Report Administrative Role are able to generate the Demographic Report.

1. Click on the View link next to the Demographic Report section under the Agency Reports tab.

2. In the Select Program(s) For Demographic Report page, select the Programs to generate Demographic Report by clicking check boxes next to the Program names.

Users may click on Select All link to generate Demographic report for all programs. Users may also select one program to generate the Demographic report.

Click on the Next button after selecting the programs.

3. Demographic Report page will appear which shows information like Active/Inactive Individual, Count by Gender, Count by Supervision, Count by Program, Top 10 Diagnosis [ICD-9/ICD 10/DSM-5] etc.

4. Click on the Export to Excel link located at the bottom of the Demographic Report page to download the results to Excel file.

5. Users may click on the count displayed beside each category to view the list of individuals of that category.

Click on the Export To Excel link to download the result in Excel file. Click on the Close button to close this window.

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