Description Of Caseload Types

Caseload – Caseloads determine what individuals users are able to access.

The Therap System has the following types of caseloads : AIC (All Individual Caseload), APC (Auto Program Caseload), Individual Based Caseload and Group Caseload. 

In the case of AIC, If you admit at least one individual in the system, the AIC (All Individual Caseload) will be auto generated. It gives users access to all the individuals that are under a particular provider. Users need not assign a separate Caseload to a user who has the ::AIC:: Caseload as he/she will have access to all the individuals.

In the case of APC, after creating a program in the system, an APC  (Auto Program Caseload) will be auto generated for that program.  

AIC and APC types are created for you automatically by the system.  In the cases of Individual or Group Caseload, users assigned with the Caseload role can create Individual or Group Caseloads if needed.

If you want to learn how to create Individual or Group Caseload, click here.

Descriptions for each of the above Caseload types are given below :

Caseload Types Description 
All Individual Caseload (::AIC::) All Individual Caseload (AIC) will allow access to all individuals in the system including those that have been discharged or marked deceased.
Auto Program Caseload (::APC::)
Auto Program Caseload (APC) includes all individuals enrolled within that particular program
Individual Based Caseload  An Individual Based caseload consists of one or more individuals.
Group Caseload A Group Caseload is a collection of Auto Program Caseloads (APC) and Individual Based Caseloads. 

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