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Therap Global is excited to announce that Therap’s software suite is also available in MENA.

Products and Services

Therap is a comprehensive documentation and communication solution for support providers and caregivers of persons with disability (PWD). Schools/agencies are able to control who can see the data related to a person with disability (PWD). Therap’s Reporting and Audit Trail features assist in managerial processes. Access control mechanisms also encourage sharing the right data with the right caregivers so that everyone is well equipped to make the best decisions.

  • Person Centered Plans/Goal Tracking for IEP
    Therap’s Person Centered Plans facilitates users to prepare detailed individual education plan, person centric service plans. Users are able to determine goals and objectives for each person with disability and also generate reports for further review and analysis.
  • Daily Progress Notes/Nursing Notes
    With Therap’s Daily Progress Notes features, users are able to record the daily activities/progress notes for a person with disability. These progress notes/logs are automatically shared with co-workers.
  • Real Time notifications for incident management
    Therap’s Incident Reporting tools, have been designed to track reportable incidents for persons with disabilities. Using the incident reporting tool, users can report in real time and follow-up on a wide range of incidents including injuries, behavioral concerns, restraints and accidents.
  • Health Outcome measures
    Therap’s Health tracking features allow users to efficiently track different type of health data relating to a person with disability. It gives a flexible way to record, follow up and create reports on medical issues including Appointments, Vital Signs, Blood Glucose, Medication History and many more.
  • Mobile Application
    Therap provides mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Therap’s mobile application provides a collection of tools that enable support professionals to enter service data, progress notes, record medications administered and more. Therap’s mobile application helps provide improved care to persons with disabilities, especially when providing services in a community setting.
  • Service Trails for Audits
    Therap’s Reporting and Audit Trail features assist in managerial processes. These features ensure that necessary and relevant documentation are available for internal or external audits and surveys. This particular tracking method also assists with the quality assurance measures of an agency and allows for supervisors to ensure delivery of service and integrity of data.

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