Therap Global team members Asad Uzzaman Sazzad and Zaria Haque have visited the Sunshine Learning Center to conduct an onsite training on January 24, 2024. Sabrina Mustary, Head of Education at the organization, Chandan Kumar Roy, Physical Teacher and  Md. Naimul Haq, Head of Fine Arts were present at the time. 

Sunshine Learning Center, was seeking for a smarter solution for managing their papers, documents and reports associated with the diverse services they provide. During the visit, our Global team has successfully demonstrated how Therap, being a data-driven, paperless and comprehensive online platform, could come to their aid by assisting them in meeting their documentational needs.

At the training, we have showcased the Therap system, highlighting the advantages as well as features and functionalities of different Therap modules and how the parents and teachers can track progress of the children in a much more efficient way using our system. We have also guided them on how they can effortlessly and electronically record the demographic information of each of their students and analyze the data through Therap’s Individual Demographic Form (IDF) module in a completely paperless way. Use of the T-log module and how to generate new T-logs as well as updating them to better track daily progress were some of the key topics that were focused at the session. 

The training concluded on a high note, with their heartfelt gratitude and a strong interest in delving deeper into Therap’s comprehensive suite of modules, with the hope of optimizing and streamlining their documentation workflow.

Therap Global is the world’s leading online documentation solution for organizations providing services to persons with disabilities.

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