Maureen Noonan, Director of Customer Support, Therap Services has been working with individuals and changing lives since 1997. Her extensive experience with PWDs (Person with Disabilities) has enabled her to gain an extensive understanding of  the I/DD industry and maintain effective communication with the clients. Maureen has always been trying to meet the demands of the customers and improve Customer Support Management of Therap since 2007.

In September 2018, Maureen went to Indonesia along with few other Therap Global team members to visit the organizations providing services to children with disabilities. Maureen met with administrators of different organizations, where they talked about Therap suite for the purpose of documentation and the benefits of using Therap.

One of the organization, YPAC Bali showed Therap Global Team how they are currently using the suite and also discussed the other modules that are being provided by Therap. The meeting ended with YPAC Bali’s cultural activities.

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