Prattay Iqbal has been playing a significant role in Therap Global team for more than 3 years. His passion and well-being for the individuals has empowered Therap Global team to reach greater heights. He is currently working as an International Business Development Executive for Therap Global and has visited over 100 agencies all over Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, United Kingdom, and Sri Lanka. He is diligently communicating with government and private entities and talking about how Therap’s system can benefit them.

Recently, Prattay was greeted by YPAC Bali, Indonesia where he met their team and discussed ways of improving documentation and adding more value to care and support provided to persons with disabilities. During this visits, he demonstrates Therap system and talks about different modules we have and how it can help them in documenting services provided to persons with disabilities. Prattay closely observed the documentation process being followed by the YPAC Bali team and ensured the process ran smoothly.

Prattay and Therap Global Team had an amazing evening with the individuals. The meeting ended with new ways of improving quality of service and strengthen the relationship between Therap Global and YPAC Bali.

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