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Successful Visits of Therap Global Team in Indonesia

Therap Global team had successful visits in Indonesia last December. [...]

Therap Global Workshop and Information Session In Cooperation with YPAC Nasional

Therap Global’s next scheduled visit was in YPAC Nasional, Indonesia. [...]

Therap Global Team is in Jakarta, Indonesia: Looking Forward to Meeting with organizations working with Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

We are pleased to announce that Therap Global team has [...]

YPAC Bali, Indonesia welcomes Prattay Iqbal on September 2018

Prattay Iqbal has been playing a significant role in Therap [...]

Maureen Noonan’s day with YPAC Bali, Indonesia, September 2018

Maureen Noonan, Director of Customer Support, Therap Services has been [...]

Therap Global Team Visits YPAC Nasional and YPAC Bali, September 2018

Therap Global team with a few US personnel and software [...]

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