Therap Global team with a few US personnel and software engineers visited YPAC Nasional and YPAC Bali on September 2018. We had James M. Kelly, Vice Chairman of Therap with us during the visit.

We started off our journey from Bali and visited YPAC Bali, one of the many branches of YPAC Nasional. Nana Moeljadi and Judith Simbara from YPAC Nasional were also there. We were given a tour of the school where we met all the teachers and administrators. They discussed with us how they document information regarding Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and how Therap system can help them enhance their quality of support. They showed great interest in using Therap. We were also shown different activities at their agency along with therapy programs for the children.

We also visited the branch of YPAC Nasional which is in Jakarta, Indonesia. This branch was the first special school who started using Therap in Indonesia. We have been to their branch in Jakarta many times before and have given lots of trainings on Therap. We had a great time visiting both the branches of YPAC.

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