Therap Asia starts an exciting journey with the world’s top NGO, BRAC. BRAC is an International development organisation working globally in Economic Development, Education, Public Health and also Disaster Relief sectors. Limia Dewan, Programme Manager Inclusive Education, from BRAC met with the Therap team at Therap Asia’s 2nd Annual Dhaka Conference, held in April 2018. After attending the sessions at the conference, BRAC showed keen interest to use Therap for their Neurodevelopmental Disability (NDD) Centers and One Room Inclusive Schools where they provide support to Persons With Disabilities (PWD).

Recently, Therap had an orientation with BRAC at one of the learning centers of BRAC, located at Uttara. Around 30 BRAC attendees were present at the orientation, which included Teachers, Program Organisers and Sector Specialists. Limia Dewan, Programme Manager Inclusive Education, along with Sanjoy kumar Saha, Manager (PWD), Sarder Lutfor Rahman, Senior Sector Specialist Inclusive Education and Md Mohsin Ali, Sector Specialist Inclusive Education were there to welcome members from the Therap Asia team.

The orientation to Therap software was given by Prattay Iqbal, International Business Development Executive, Therap. He gave a presentation on the Therap software, where he provided information about what Therap is, what Therap does and what are the benefits of using Therap for the agencies providing support to the Persons With Disabilities(PWD). The attendees were really excited to know about the system and the functionalities of Therap. They also interacted with some very interesting questions.

The BRAC attendees, learned about the important Therap modules that are commonly used in Asia and their usefulness. The attendees were very excited to see that using Therap, their documentation will be faster, they will get to eliminate the use of paper and not waste huge amount of time in preparing reports. All the attendees showed interest and they are looking forward to use Therap for enhancing their quality of support. Therap Asia is also glad to get the opportunity to work with an organisation such as BRAC. The Therap Asia team looks forward to working collaboratively with BRAC for many more years to come.

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