Therap Global team visited Autism Care Nepal Society in  Kaski District Chapter, Pokhara on September 20, 2019, where Mr. Dhruba Sharma, Vice Secretary of the agency received them.  Mr. Dhruba, along with Mr. Ratna Man Gurung, Vice President of ACNSP gave them a tour of the agency. The organization currently has 9 children and they follow a Parents Child Training Program (PCTP) where they provide training to the mothers of the children. The mothers teach different activities to their children focusing on their behavior. 

The team gave a demo of  Therap software and went over the benefits of it such as documenting important information of their children regularly. The team also provided a presentation on different modules of Therap system like IDF, ISP, Health tracking and T-Log to ACNS. The school management is looking forward to implementing the Therap system. They seemed very keen to join our upcoming online live group sessions and learn about various support materials on Therap Global website as well. Therap Global team had a great time with ACNS, Kaski District Chapter in Pokhara and hope to continue this journey with them in the future.

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